Frequently Asked Questions


How does Taylor Apartment Locator Work?

Step 1 – Contact us directly either by phone, email or fill out form on our website

Step 2 – You will immediately be sent an email to get specifics on what you are looking for in
an apartment – price range, number of bedrooms/bathrooms and preferred location,
move timeframe, pet friendly, school district, etc.

Step 3 – We will enter your information into our extensive, up-to-date apartment database,
which provide a list of only the apartments that fit your criteria and

What is a Guest Card?

A Guest Card is used by Apartment staff to gather client information on an initial visit.

What is a Lease Application?

A Lease Application is completed and submitted by a prospective renter to be considered eligible to rent a unit in a specific apartment community. If you decide to complete an application, there is a section that asks for Rental Agency or Locator service name, you must write in Taylor Apartment Locator. Do not indicate “internet”, “drive by” or list a friend’s name.


What are the next steps once you receive a custom apartment list?
  • Review the apartment list, determine which ones you like, then call the apartment office to set a time to take a tour
  • When you choose your apartment, remember to name Taylor Apartment Locator on the guest card and leasing application.
Do apartment prices and special change daily?
  • There are many factors that go into pricing apartments. Most apartments throughout Texas use a system called Yieldstar, which determines pricing based on availability and comparable properties in the area. Prices can change daily.
  • We suggest contacting the apartment office on the same day you plan on visiting.
Once I have found and apartment and put Taylor Apartment Locator on Application and Guest Card, do you offer any Rebate or Free Move?Once I have found and apartment and put Taylor Apartment Locator on Application and Guest Card, do you offer any Rebate or Free Move?

YES, we do. We offer a 2 hours free apartment move or rebate up to $200. This depend on our referral agreement with the property you choose from the list we send you. To be eligible the rent amount need to be over $900 a month

Does it cost to use Taylor Apartment Locator service?Does it cost to use Taylor Apartment Locator service?

No. Our Apartment locating service is totally free to you. We get a referral fee compensation from Apartment Management. In order to for us to receive our fee and for you to qualify for the move or rebate, you must put Taylor Apartment locator as the referral source on your lease application and guest card.

What about if I want the rebate instead of the 2 hour Apartment Move?

You can choose the rebate instead of the 2 hour move. We will send you your rebates once the apartment complex pay us. Apartments usually take 60 – 90 day to pay referrals.

In which markets does Taylor Apartment Locator operate?

We focus on Texas’ 4 largest major cities Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio & Austin. Taylor Apartment Locator has also recently expanded to include Atlanta, GA as another city area we service.

Why Taylor Apartment Locator Service vs. competitors?Why Taylor Apartment Locator Service vs. competitors?

We do custom apartment searches directed and based on your preferences. We save you time, hassle, and money by providing you Apartment properties that meet your criteria. We take our time to make sure we send you a list of apartments that’s geared to you leasing an apartment you will be happy with. Most other Locating companies just send a large list of apartments and want you to do all the work and just put them down on the application.

Does using Taylor Apartment Locator’s service affect any specials offered by the apartment management?

No, our free apartment finding service and free move does not affect your apartment community’s rental rates or specials in any way.

If I have used Taylor Apartment Locator in the past, can I use your services again?

Yes. And when you are a repeat customer you will receive a 3 Hour Apartment Move.

Do you share any of the personal information that I provide?

Absolutely not. We guarantee that your information will be kept private.Absolutely not. We guarantee that your information will be kept private.

Who should I let know that Taylor Apartment Locator referred me to their Apartment?

You let the Leasing agent, or manager know we sent you. Make sure you put TAYLOR APARTMENT LOCATOR on both the Guest card and on the Lease Application as the referral. That is how we get paid and enable us to provide you with move assistance or rebate.

What are search terms people use to find Taylor Apartment Locator?

There are a lot of terms and variations of terms people search for. Here are some of the terms people use when searching: Apartment Locator, Apartment Finder, Online Apartment Guide, Apartment Rentals, Apartment Relocation, Renters Guide, Apartment Directory, Rental Property Directory, Furnished Apartments, Luxury Apartments, All Bills Paid Apartments, Apartments for rent in Dallas TX, Apartments for rent in San Antonio, Apartment Finder Houston, Apartment Locator Houston, Apartments for rent in Houston, Apartment Locator San Antonio, Free Apartment Move San Antonio, Free Apartment Move Houston, Apartments for rent in Houston TX, Apartments for rent in Austin TX, Apartment Locator Austin, Apartment Finder Dallas, Houston Apartment Finder, Apartments for rent in San Antonio TX, Houston Apartment Locator, Apartment Locator Dallas, Houston Apartment for rent, Apartments for rent Houston TX, Austin Apartments for rent, Dallas Apartments for rent, Apartments for rent Dallas TX, Apartment for rent in Houston, Valley Ranch Apartments, Las Colinas Apartments, Lewisville Apartments, Coppell Apartments, Plano Apartments, Arlington Apartments, Fort Worth Apartments, Frisco Apartments, Irving Apartment locator, Richardson Apartments, Uptown Apartments, Mansfield Apartments, Garland Apartments, McKinney Apartments, Grand Prairie Apartments, Denton Apartments, SMU Apartments, Midtown Houston Apartments for Rent, Houston Apartment Special, Uptown Dallas Apartments for rent, Medical District Dallas Apartments for rent, Sugarland, TX Apartments for Rent, Katy, TX Apartments for rent, Inner Loop Houston Apartments for Rent, Free Apartment Move, Apartments for Rent Houston Galleria, Downtown Houston Apartments for Rent, Downtown Dallas, TX Apartments for rent, Apartment Finder San Antonio, Lackland Air Force Base Apartments, Kelly Air Force Base Apartments, Randolf Air Force Base Apartments, Uptown Central, Terrell Heights, Alamo Heights, UTSA Apartments, Medical Center, Hyde Park, Travis Heights, Downtown Austin, Allandale, Terrytown, Clarksville, Oaksprings, Dawson, St. Edwards MLK, Austin, Galindo, South River City, RMMA, Chestnut, Georgian Acres, North University, Rosewood, Great Hills, Hancock, Windsor Rd., Blackland, Govalle, East Cezar Chavez, Buckhead, Atlanta, Downtown Atlanta, Sandy Springs , Midtown Atlanta, Little Five Points, Atlanta, Castleberry Hill, Inman Park, Brookhaven.


Does Taylor Apartment Locator Own the Moving Company that will be moving our Property?

No. We contract out the work to local movers who give a good competitive discount rate to our customers

Will you move everything for free?

Our goal is to provide every renter a free move. We are paying for the first 2 hours of the move because everything an average apartment contains can be moved in two hours by our professional moving service. We have researched this with our Professional moving company. Provided that you are ready to move, have things boxed and organized to move they can make the move in 2 hours.

Will Taylor Apartment match other Apartment Locating Service’s rebate program?

Yes. We will match any legitimate rebate program of a competitor provided you put Taylor Apartment Locator as the referral source on the application form when leasing an apartment in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio or Austin.

Does the moving company you use charge a Fuel Fee to move our property?

The only thing you are responsible for covering a $40 gas fee. Moving trucks get 7-9 MPG. No matter where you are moving in town, the moving company has to get their Moving truck from their office location, to your current location, to your new location and then back to their office location. It’s easy to run up 100 miles+ even for a local move. We think that’s fair.The only thing you are responsible for covering a $40 gas fee. Moving trucks get 7-9 MPG. No matter where you are moving in town, the moving company has to get their Moving truck from their office location, to your current location, to your new location and then back to their office location. It’s easy to run up 100 miles+ even for a local move. We think that’s fair.

How do I schedule my free move?

Once you have been approve by the apartment complex and notify us of the apartment you have choose and we verify that you put Taylor Apartment Locator on your application. We will then have the moving company contact you directly to set up your move date and time to move.

If I am unable to have everything moved within 2 hours am I responsible for paying the remaining balance?

Yes, you are responsible for the remaining cost of your move. Most movers will require that you pay in cash once the move is complete. We pay for 2 hours and you are responsible for anything after 2 hours. That’s why it is important to have boxes pack and everything organize before the movers get there to save on cost.

Can you move me from a storage unit, house, to my new apartment?

Yes we can.

Can you move me from one city to another?

Yes, Check with the office first for further details because each city is different and offer different rates. However, you will still need to contract directly with the moving company for pricing, procedure, etc. for any out of city moves.

How far in advance do I need to schedule my move?

We suggest one week before your move date

Do the movers work every day?

Yes. They work 7 days a week except for the following Holidays: Christmas, New Years, Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving. Taylor Apartment and affiliated moving companies reserve the right to take additional holidays/days off.

Does Taylor Apartment Locator provide moving boxes?

No. You must obtain and pack your own moving boxes or plastic containers.

If I have extra items what forms of payment do you accept and when do I pay?

The Moving Company accepts cash only. Payment is expected before the unloading of your Last belongings.

Is there an extra charge for multiple floor moves? i.e. 3rd floor to 3rd floor moves?

No. There is not and extra charge for moving multiple floors.

Is there an extra charge for exceptional heavy items?

Yes. There is an additional $100 fee for any items over 300 pounds each. i.e. Gun Safe, Piano, etc.

Remember, you are on the clock with the moving company and are responsible for being prepared and pre-packing your items prior to the move. The movers load, transport and unload…that’s it.

Does the Moving Company you contract with have Liability Insurance?

The Moving Companies we contract with assumes Liability for the move. They have a Million Dollar Liability Insurance Policy.


Taylor Apartment reserves the right to change the conditions, qualifications, policies, terms, website, etc., without notice.

For more information please call:214 624-9892. All pricing and property information is subject to change at any time without notice. Please contact the apartment community for the most up to date information.

The Movers we use are contracted and not owned by Taylor Apartment Locators. Problems with or damages caused by the Moving Company to be handled directly with them.